e2x has a 100% referenceable customer base.

e2x has assembled the most experienced business and technical Oracle Commerce team of any Systems Integrator to ensure e2x can deliver.

Our process

e2x has a 100% referenceable customer base. Over a 14 year period this is unprecedented in our industry. So, there must be a reason why we consistently deliver. In practice this is the rigorous application of our process which is always evolving.

If we were a manufacturer this process would be called Kaizen but in its purest translation kaizen means continuous improvement. We never cease to try and deliver the highest quality at a reasonable cost and constantly challenge ourselves to innovate.

Business Implementation

Empowering the sales and marketing teams is core to e2x delivery, we take for granted that the solution must be available 24/7/365, but e2x go the extra mile to ensure that merchandising and site administration can always be done without technical assistance.

Fast Delivery

We all know how expensive delays can be so e2x ensure that every build is a release candidate to ensure that you can Go Live as planned and not have to maintain 2 systems.

Core Exploitation

Oracle Commerce provides so much functionality you may not be ready to use its power. e2x ensure that no capabilities are taken away in the delivery so that when you are ready it is an easy task to switch on and move forward. When agreeing requirements with each client we try and use supported functions as much as possible to provide a trouble free upgrade path.

Full Regression test

Not only do we run an automated functional test suite against every build, we also create a specific set of regression tests which can be run by your QA team prior to any code releases. These provide invaluable post project assurance that any minor functional additions do not cause any problems with the live site.