Deploy code in days. Take features live in weeks. Save many months of time and related costs.

E2X has 20 years experience designing, building, evolving and supporting customer-centric, commerce platforms for some of the world’s most amazing businesses. We have taken this experience and brought it together in KATA.


Business Benefits

KATA provides a suite of tools that quickly and reliably bootstrap a working and operational environment that facilitates the adoption of a service-oriented enterprise architecture.

  • Allows developers to focus on adding features that deliver business value rather than burning time on operational development
  • Provides easy integration of UX and business benefit focused SaaS applications in an operationally ready environment
  • Accelerates the transition away from high maintenance cost applications in your platform
  • Provides everything you need for a scalable and enterprise ready service-orientated architecture 'out of the box'

Simplify Development

KATA gives developers the ability to be writing feature rich code in days and this is achieved through a combination of standards adoption and code generators. Standards adoption means that the code that is used throughout the applications and services is well known and understood across a wide demographic of developers. Code generation ensures that the boiler-plate code used across all your services is effectively, centrally managed. This takes the responsibility out of the hands and minds of the developers freeing their imagination for true feature development.

KATA provides a simple but intuitive command line tool and a user friendly configuration application, targeted at simplifying the development process from application creation, through service crafting and generation.

In addition to the tooling, we provide 'ready-to-go' integrations to commercetools, Amplience and CyberSource, covering off the main elements of a modern online commerce presence.

All this together means the development overheads to microservices and headless adoption disappear overnight when you embrace KATA. 

Operational Excellence

New SaaS based applications are coming to market regularly, offering new opportunities to engage customers on the promise that they can be easily integrated, tested and cancelled if the business doesn't deliver the expected value.

The ability to manage and control many services and ensure they all work in tandem with seamless confidence requires a mature and automated deployment process that allows you to deploy multiple times with absolute predictability.  A modern enterprise needs to ensure the farm of services is constantly monitored and highly available by ensuring common services used across the enterprise are available consistently.

KATA has been built from the ground up with operational efficiency and excellence in mind. We have identified a suite of tools and augmented in places we have identified gaps to provide a complete and coherent service oriented and cloud based framework for the headless commerce future.


With the adoption of microservices, an enterprise has the opportunity to deploy a highly granular army of functionality to support their offering. This army needs to be managed and proven to work at peak efficiency.

KATA adopts an automation first policy. We generate all the code required for deployment automation and continuous integration based off the service definition that is the genesis of each and every piece of functionality in a KATA application. Furthermore, by leveraging our 10+ years in infrastructure as code, we automate all provisioning and we have abstracted away container orchestration technology to make managing high volumes of services very easy.

In addition to operational automation, we firmly believe that automated testing is paramount to ensuring you have a predictable and robust applicaiton no matter what happens under the skin. With Test Evolve, you can track your requirements from inception through to deployment and be confident in anything a service oriented and headless paradigm can throw at your platform.

KATA Partners

KATA + commercetools gets you live in weeks with fully scalable operational readiness.

Moving to commercetools provides unrivalled business agility.

Integrating commercetools into an operationally ready microservices environment is quick and straightforward. But you need the environment and tools to be launch ready.

KATA provides you with a turnkey operational ready microservices environment. We will get you live on commercetools with a fully scalable cloud architecture and infrastructure in weeks.

KATA is available on the commercetools marketplace

Payment in the SaaS headless commerce world is realised with KATA and CyberSource.

The framework provides a library of core integration code and supporting developer documentation that provides a reference integration between CyberSource and commercetools. The framework is built using standardised CyberSource coding standards, documentation approach, and managed using Cybersource repositories. The framework also supports 3DS 2.0 to ensure PSD2 compatability.

Amplience is an API-first, headless content management platform for enterprise retail. Our content and experience solutions for headless commerce, enable teams to do more, better, faster. Amplience serves more than 350 of the world’s leading brands including Crate & Barrel, Tumi, Traeger Grills, Tom Ford, Argos, OTTO Group, Primark, Very Group, and Boohoo.

E2X have worked closely with Amplience to provide a 'ready-to-go' integration for KATA into their platform to allow for a content rich experience for customers.

KATA is pre-integrated with Test Evolve, the Agile Automated Testing Framework used by some of the world's biggest brands. Test Evolve can significantly reduce cost whilst massively improving business visibility of site quality. Cutting costs through the reduction of manual regression testing and increased effectiveness of the test team, speeding up agile delivery.

Test Evolve has been built to test multiple applications chained together. This means that if you are using multiple SaaS applications or an omni-channel framework to deliver your desired UX, Test Evolve will run a single set of tests that drives an order across all applications in your stack providing unique single view of all the components that need to work together to drive your desired UX.

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