IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, and operates 424 stores in 52 countries. IKEA is making a major effort to expand in the digital space and invest in new technology to

  1. Improve the online experience
  2. Make the buying and shipping process more efficient
  3. Roll out technology improvements to more markets internationally.


IKEA initiated the New Web Platform and the Sales Order Management projects to solve the challenges above. IKEA partnered with e2x to help deliver the new online platform, and encourage best practices such as automation and quality-focus in the organisation.


IKEA launched IKEA.co.uk - their most successful online market - on a monolithic commerce platform in 2017, with an immediate boost in engagement and sales. Ireland, Belgium and Spain were also launched with similar improvements.

With a platform that has to handle a complex catalog of products, including a wide range of customisable kitchens and wardobes, the decision was made to decouple the front and back-end. Instead of being limited to the constraints of a traditional commerce platform, by doing this, E2X were able to build a user experience that fits entirely with the purposes and goals of the IKEA business.  


Engagement commenced in 2013

Go-Live: 2016-2018 (Ireland, UK, Belgium, Spain)

Retail format: Furniture and Lifestyle

Location(s): Global