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Ahead of the madding cloud

Any paradigm shift comes with inherent complexity and a barrage of unknown challenges.


We can just build it ourselves right?

Yes, of course you can. But where do you stop? Keep in mind - what does your business really do?


Getting to Next Gen Commerce

The E2X Quick Guide to Transitioning to Headless

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The new magic in retail

Where is the Magic in retail? It used to be that having a presence online was Magic in and of itself. Now, with the advent of AI and Machine Learning making an impact and the widespread adoption of flexible architectures, we are on the precipice of the New Magic in Retail.

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Recipes for extending SaaS platforms

How does an enterprise get the most from their digital platform provider? Understanding how to customise and build a unified platform from different SaaS platforms is key.

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The future of retail

We are at a tipping point where everything we know about shopping is about to change. Retailers who accept this challenge will begin to think more strategically to define a modern retail experience for its consumers.

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